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Casualty Securing Strap - Long - Royal Blue - Single

£11.94 inc VAT
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Product code: SP/062

One of the most versatile straps on the market, the Casualty Securing Strap comes in two sizes for many uses.

The advantages of the Casualty Securing Strap

  • Simple and easy to use - No knots or ties
  • Multi Purpose - Use as Bandages/Slings/Splints
  • Inexpensive
  • Strong - Durable - Re-usable
  • Cost Effective - Replaces less efficient & consumable First Aid Equipment
  • Minimal Training Needed - Reducing training cost and lost man hours
  • Efficacy in application and treatment
  • Quick and Easy for Self Application - Ideal for people alone in remote areas
  • The Casualty Securing Strap¸ can be lengthened - Simply join together along the full length of the fastening
  • The Casualty Securing Strap¸ can be broadened - Simply place side by side
  • Lightweight and Compact - for carrying and storing
  • The Casualty Securing Strap ¸ is instantly adjustable - by parting the fastening and reapplying

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