Brayden Baby Manikin

Download the FREE Brayden Online App from the iOS (iPad only) or Android Store.

The Brayden Online App works in-conjunction with the Brayden Pro adult CPR manikin and the Brayden Baby Pro infant CPR manikin.

The app is developed to allow healthcare professionals (and others with a duty to respond) to practice and perfect their adult and infant CPR skills via intuitive real-time feedback.

The first illuminating infant CPR manikin that provides real-time visual feedback using intuitive lights to allow good quality ventilations and chest compressions.

Developed with the help of European experts in the field of resuscitation, Brayden Baby’s unique features include intuitive lights that provides real-time feedback for ventilation training and lights providing real-time feedback for chest compressions (depth, rate, recoil and finger/thumb position).

When all component parts of chest compressions are performed correctly, a CPR quality indication light illuminates on the forehead of the Brayden Baby manikin. Both sets of lights help guide the student to perform good quality infant CPR.

  • Brayden Baby is ideal for Paediatric BLS, EPALS and EPILS
  • The non-toxic materials are soft and smooth to represent an infant’s skin
  • The Brayden Baby has an open and interconnected mouth and nose which adds realism when ventilating
  • The Brayden Baby has a realistically large occiput so the Baby lies with its head in a realistic position (in flexion)
  • The head needs to be moved to open the airway in to the neutral position
  • A realistic Jaw Thrust/Lift manoeuvre is possible to practice opening the infant airway as required
  • Correct positioning of the head into the neutral position to open the airway
  • Realistic occlusion of the airway for an infant when the head is hyper-extended
  • Brayden Baby allows the correct compression depth of at least a 1/3rd of the AP distance of manikin (4cm)
  • Brayden Baby has an easy to change double filter connected to the lung when required
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