Brayden Junior Conversion Kit

Download the FREE Brayden Online App from the iOS (iPad only) or Android Store.

The Brayden Online App works in-conjunction with the Brayden Pro adult CPR manikin and the Brayden Baby Pro infant CPR manikin.

The app is developed to allow healthcare professionals (and others with a duty to respond) to practice and perfect their adult and infant CPR skills via intuitive real-time feedback.

The Brayden Junior Conversion Kit is a cost effective and practical solution which makes it easy to convert a Brayden Adult Manikin to a Brayden Junior manikin.

This means only one manikin is required to train CPR in adults and children.

  • Easy to convert
  • Cost Effective
  • Anatomically correct
  • AHA and ERC compliant
  • No need for any other device (phone/tablet) so training is convenient, quick and easy to set up and assess
  • Only one manikin required for both adult and paediatric BLS training
    • Use the Conversion Kit on the Brayden Adult Manikin
    • Less storage and weight to carry
  • Brayden Junior is anatomically correct for a 10-12 year old
    • Excellent for Paediatric BLS instruction
  • Chest compression compliance and ventilation
    • Accurately reflects a child of 10-12 years old
  • Intuitive feedback lights on Brayden Junior work the same way as on Brayden Adult
    • Makes training easy and consistent and ensures good quality CPR
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