Broselow Paediatric Emergency Tape - Single - 2017 Version

Children vary a great deal in size and the opportunities for a medic to get in depth experience across the whole range is limited. The Broselow/Hinkle system helps to bridge the gap. First the child's length is measured and one of seven areas is assigned. Next a co-ordinated Colour Pack is pulled from the Broselow/ Hinkle system to begin a procedure with the right sized equipment. The system offers eight colour coded sections for children weighing from 3-34 kgs.

  • The latest Broselow tapes have been much expanded to include more information
  • Helps to determine drug dosages for seizure ICP, Overdose, Resuscitation & Defibrillation
  • Incorporates Glasgow Coma Scale & Paediatric Trauma Scoring
  • Lists infusions, fluids and paralysing agents
  • Colour zones list recommended equipment and suggested sizes
  • Rapidly estimates weight based upon height

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