Emergency Log Book

The Emergency Log Book fills the need for a definitive record for all staff involved in emergency duties.

Designed for individual post holders, it allows a legal record to be created for future reference. This enables an organisation to fulfil its obligation to have a record of information received and actions carried out for a period of a duty or for a more protracted and complex emergency incident. The information for which may be contained within a number of books.

Target Users:

  • Chief Executives at NHS Gold and JHAC level
  • Strategic Health Authority Directors on Call
  • Primary Care Directors on Call
  • Sector and PCT Incident Control Teams
  • Acute Trust Incident Control Teams
  • Action Card Role Holders
  • Incident Commanders in Ambulance Service, Police and Fire Brigade
  • Coast Guard, Mountain Rescue and Life Boat Managers
  • Accident Investigators in Civil Aviation Authority and similar organisations
  • Duty Officers in Emergency Services
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