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ISBN-13: 9780952033967

Paediatrics for Paramedics - Dolphin

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Everything you need for the new IHCD

Paediatrics Module


112 full colour pages, A4 Spiral bound

Published by Stephen Dolphin

Fourth Edition

Paediatrics for Paramedics - By Stephen Dolphin

112 full colour pages, A4 Spiral bound

Everything you need for the new IHCD Paediatrics Module


Chapter 1 Introduction
Definition of "paediatric", Children are not small adults

Chapter 2 Patient Assessment
Immediate recognition of serious injury, Immediate recognition of serious illness, Patient
assessment, Shock

Chapter 3 Airway Control
Basic airway control, Oropharyngeal airways, Nasopharyngeal airways, Advanced airway control

Chapter 4 Respiratory Emergencies
Croup, Epiglottitis, Bronchiolitis, Anaphylaxis, Asthma

Chapter 5 Trauma
Kinematics, Head injuries, Chest injuries, Abdominal injuries, Injuries to the extremities, Injuries to the spine, Burns, Near-drowning

Chapter 6 Medical Emergencies
Meningitis, Congenital diseases, Cardiac problems, Metabolic disorders, Staus epilepticus, Febrile convulsions, Poisons

Chapter 7 Management of Cardiac Arrest
Basic Life Support, Advanced Life Support, Resuscitation of the Newborn

Chapter 8 Practical Procedures
Endotracheal intubation, Intravenous infusion, Intraosseous infusion, Chest decompression, Needle cricothyroidotomy, Defibrillation

Chapter 9 Child Abuse

Chapter 10 Calculations and Drugs Formulae for weight, height, etc, Drug details


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