ISBN-10: 0952033909
ISBN-13: 9780952033905

Anatomy & Physiology for Paramedics - Dolphin

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Author(s): S. Dolphin
Cover: A4 Spiral bound
Pages: 110
Edition: 3rd
Published: November 1992

 Clear & Colourful illustrations with a comprehensive index. Each chapter is clearly defined and the whole A & P is slanted towards the work of the paramedic


Chapter 1 Cells and Tissues
Cell Structure, Tissues, Organisation

Chapter 2 Biochemistry
Atomic Structure & Electrolytes, Gas Management & pH Balance, Fluid Management

Chapter 3 The Endocrine System
General Arrangement & Functions, The Pancreas, The Adrenal Glands, The Thyroid Gland

Chapter 4 The Nervous System
Nerve Cells, The Brain, The Spinal Cord, The Autonomic Nervous System, Reflex Actions, Cranial

Chapter 5 The Respiratory System
Anatomy, The Physiology of Ventilation, Nervous & Chemical Control, Gas Transport

Chapter 6 The Heart
Anatomy & Physiology, The Coronary Circulation, Extrinsic & Intrinsic Control, The Electrical

Chapter 7 Blood Vessels & Blood
Veins & Arteries, Fluid Dynamics, Blood Pressure, Blood, The Lymphatic System

Chapter 8 Study Guide
Reading Material, Study Techniques, Subjects to be Studied, The Entry Test, Weekly Study

Chapter 9 Glossary
Names & Terms Defined

ISBN 0952033909.


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