Ferno EZ-Glide PowerTraxx Evacuation Chair

The track chair that safely ascends and descends stairs under power at the touch of a button

Moving patients safely up and down stairs can be distressing to the patient and carry substantial manual handling injury risks. The Ferno EZ-Glide PowerTraxx Evacuation Chair was designed to end these problems.

The Ferno EZ-Glide PowerTraxx Evacuation Chair is so much more flexible than any other powered tracked chair. Capable of moving down and upstairs under controlled power, you can slow it down… turn it around… bring it to a halt… all at the touch of a button.

It’s not just for stairs, either – Ferno EZ-Glide PowerTraxx Evacuation Chair effortlessly moves over all kinds of difficult terrain, including curbs. It can even be used to move heavy equipment, as well as people.

All the weight of the chair and the occupant is borne by the track and motor… not the operators – so the risk of manual handling injuries is minimised.

  • Effortless patient handling – adjustable speed control for safe, easy use; touch-button wireless control panel for convenient operator use
  • Flexible and versatile – climbs and descends stairs, goes around corners, tackles difficult terrain… entirely without strain
  • High load capacity – will transport patients and equipment loads of up to 227 kgs/35st 10.4lbs
  • Excellent patient safety - an automatic braking system combined with options such as adjustable cushioned headrest/shoulder support and extended footrest, ensures patient safety and comfort
  • Convenient to use – detachable battery stays charged over 20 flights of steps, just 60 mins recharge time


There are a range of configurations available for the Ferno EZ-Glide PowerTraxx Evacuation Chair. To discuss your requirements please call 01952 288 999 or email: sales@spservices.co.uk.

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