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Ferno HeadHugger Head Immobiliser - Disposable - Pack of 10

£143.94 inc VAT
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Product code: ST/096

  • The Ferno HeadHugger Disposable Head Immobilisers provide a low-cost method for effective head immobilisation
  • Constructed of specially treated, heavy-grade, water-resistant corrugated material
  • Base plate secures to the board with adhesive tabs
  • Independent support panels fold around the patient's head and are held in place with hook and loop fasteners
  • Adhesive tape secures the patient's head to the HeadHugger
  • Radiolucent and does not interfere with CT scanners or MRIs
  • Ideal for services that have difficulty retrieving equipment or for use in mass casualty accidents
  • Easy access to patient’s condition and monitoring blood loss or fluid drainage
  • Dual head supports can be molded to fit the contour of each patient
  • Dimensions
    • Length:Open: 81cm, Folded: 40cm
    • Width: Open: 20cm, Folded: 20cm
    • Height: Open: 3mm, Folded: 6mm
    • Weight: 142g

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