Filac 3000 ADA Oral/Axillary Thermometer

The FILAC 3000 ADA Electronic Thermometer utilizes advanced technology to ensure the industry's fastest, most accurate readings are provided in multiple easy-to-use formats. In fact, these cutting-edge thermometers provide readings in less than 4 seconds or an advanced accuracy reading in less than 6 seconds.

The thermometer comes in a compact, user-friendly design and stands upright on a flat surface. It features an intuitive icon-based interface system with backlight LCD display, unique progress bars that indicate status of temperature measurement; and last temperature recall function. The patented isolation chamber design and color schemes, along with the durable probe covers help minimize the chance of cross-contamination and enhance infection control measures.


  • Fast temperature measurements
  • Measurement range: 30°C to 43°C (86°F to 109°F)
  • Push button alternates Celsius/Fahrenheit scale
  • Audible indication of completion (“beep” sound)
  • Interchangeable, color-coded isolation chambers with matching probes.
  • Helps keep probe covers and probes together for aiding in infection control with blue - oral/axillary
  • Easily wiped clean
  • Uses four standard disposable “AA” batteries for around 6000 measurements
  • “Auto-On” when probe is withdrawn from the probe well
  • “Auto-Off” conserves battery life
  • Low Battery and Dead Battery indicators
  • Last temperature Recall
  • Easily accessible probe cover box
  • Easy to read LCD display with backlight
  • Includes oral probe and push-button probe cover ejection
  • Model 505003 includes electronic thermometer with Blue - Oral/Axillary isolation chamber and Blue - Oral/Axillary probe, with 4-foot (1.2 m) cord, and global manual on CD

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