Guardian Angel LED Wearable Light Bar with Magnetic Mount


The Guardian Angel is a wearable, portable light bar designed to provide the same immediate visibility and recognition for the wearer as they have in their official vehicles whilst improving personal safety for professionals and volunteers. Ideal for emergency responders, safety officers, military & security, search and rescue units and so much more. 

The lighting options for the wearer also offer enhanced versatility, including: forward-facing lights only, rear-facing lights only, lighting with 360 degrees of illumination and/or above illumination, as well as a utility work light for reading or writing in dark environments. For example an officer approaching a vehicle on the side of the road, can quickly switch the light bar on so that only the rear of the bar is flashing — enabling vehicles coming from behind the officer to see him or her.

  • Wide Application Use - Personal safety mini light bar ideal for Fire Services, First Responders, Law Enforcement, Personal Home Use, Public Safety, and Construction Workers
  • Built Tough – Durable, water resistant and able to withstand extreme work/weather conditions
  • Increased Visibility – Industry certified up to 2+ miles utilising LED lights rated up to 930 lumens per LED
  • Long Battery Life - includes a sealed rechargeable battery giving more than 90 hours of continuous use
  • Convenient Work Light - easily accessible allowing you to see in dark environments
  • Magnet Mount – The powerful magnet/magnetic clip easily attaches to metal and clothing
  • IP-68 rated
  • 360° Or isolated front or rear lighting
  • Supplied with mains and USB charger
  • Versatility – lightweight & portable (170g weight)

Available in a variety of coloured LED combinations:

  • Blue Front / Blue Rear
  • White Front / White Rear
  • Green Front / Green Rear
  • Orange Front / Orange Rear


More colour combinations coming soon, so do ask if you have a particular requirement.

To order this product, please contact our Customer Services team on 01952 288 999 or email to complete our eligibility assessment.

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