Helios Water Rescue Throw Rope - 18m

Described by the Royal Life Saving Association and Health & Safety Executive as useful rescue devices, endorsed by the Swimming Teachers Association, our Rescue Throw-Bag is the most accurate and easy to use of its genre.

Essentially, it is a durable, mildew resisting, floating bag that contains a specially developed, low friction rope. You throw the bag, under-arm and the rope plays out as the Throw-Bag swiftly finds its target, even across or into strong gales.

With a soft, easy handle to it, our line is an eight-ply polyester braid with a break-strain of at least 2000 lbs weight (~ 10,000 Newton). Strong enough to tow diving boats, the Throw-Bag is often used for warping boats to a wharf, or, as a pilot line for hawsers and fire hose on larger vessels. Recovering a 100 Kg man from a ten-knot current is no problem, when the line and rescuer are safely secured!

Despite its strength and versatility, the Rescue Throw-Bag packs small enough to fit in all line pockets, built in to Canoeists’ life jackets and, when hung, it will not unravel or come loose until you are ready to use it.

Easily and quickly repacked, in less than a minute and reusable without repacking – just pick it up, with a little water in it, and throw again. In BSAC branch trials, a coxswain safely recovered six divers from fierce sea-conditions in less than seven minutes!

Even in strong currents, the Throw-Bag maintains the line’s position until grasped by the casualty. The Rescue Throw-Bag replaces more expensive life-rings, quoits and poles in almost all water margin rescue stations. 

Less than a third of the price of a life ring and mounting, the Rescue Throw-Bag is no more vandal resistant but it is many times more effective in most rescues from the water.

  • 18m long

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