HemCon ChitoGauze XR Pro Haemostatic Dressing

Prometheus ChitoGauze XR PRO by HemCon is designed specifically for the battlefield and emergency medical professionals to quickly control severe hemorrhaging and save lives. First haemostatic gauze with a z-folded design for easy handling and rapid application which readily conforms to varying wound surfaces to rapidly stop bleeding and seal the wound site. ChitoGauze PRO provides antibacterial properties against dangerous organisms and offers medical professionals and emergency responders critical time to administer care.

ChitoGauze XR PRO is a highly flexible dressing which readily conforms to varying wound surfaces to rapidly stop bleeding and seal the wound site. The natural, unique characteristics of chitosan and HemCon’s proprietary manufacturing process, together create ChitoGauze PRO which slows the blood movement through the dressing, offering a local haemostatic solution. The chitosan in ChitoGauze PRO binds red blood cells and platelets on the dressing’s surface which provides localized support for clotting independently from the normal clotting cascade.

  • Stops bleeding fast and effectively 
  • Saves lives 
  • Reduces time needed to stop bleeding which helps in the management of patients 
  • Controls blood loss 
  • Provides critical time to administer care
  • Reduced blood loss can reduce the need for transfusions 
  • Flexible design 
  • Conformable to varying tissue surfaces 
  • Provides flexibility at the point of care 
  • Ideal for a variety of applications and wound surfaces 
  • Z-folded configuration 
  • Easy handling and rapid application in emergency situations 
  • No delay in identifying where dressing starts 
  • Antibacterial properties Effective against a wide range of microorganisms (including MRSA, VRE, Acinetobacter Baumannii) 
  • Localised solution works independently of the clotting cascade 
  • Safe for use 
  • Contains no pro-clotting agents 
  • Sterile 
  • Latex free 
  • Simple application 
  • Minimal training required 
  • Apply pressure until bleeding is controlled 
  • Easy and atraumatic removal 
  • No debridement necessary 
  • Dimensions: 7.5cm x 3.7m

Steps for use:

  • Open foil pouch and remove ChitoGauze PRO 
  • Place or pack ChitoGauze PRO completely over the source of the bleeding, making sure to contact all bleeding surfaces. More than one dressing may be required. 
  • Apply digital pressure until bleeding is controlled. 
  • After the bleeding has stopped, secure HemCon ChitoGauze PRO with appropriate dressing.

Removal Instructions:

  • HemCon ChitoGauze PRO can remain in place up to 48 hours 
  • Dressing should easily peel away from the wound 
  • If dressing has adhered to the wound, irrigate with saline or water to facilitate removal

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