MEDesign Patient Handling & Lifting Sling

A Simple but Effective Device to assist in Patient Handling

  • Since 1982, the MEDesign Sling has been used by every HA and NHS Trust in the UK and in many overseas countries
  • A simple inexpensive device for helping to move or adjust a patient's position
  • Can be used in most nursing and caring situations to help prevent back injuries to nurses and carers
  • The Sling lengthens the reach of the nurse enabling them to get a better grip
  • Makes it easier to work in a more upright position with the patient closer to them
  • Particularly useful in conjunction with sliding boards or sheets, transfer boards, turning discs etc
  • The MEDesign Sling is patient friendly, durable and well proven
  • Dimensions:
    • Length: 51cm (20")
    • Width: 20.5cm (8")
    • Thickness: 3mm
    • Weight: 400gm (14oz)

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