MediWrap Disposable Ambulance Pack

The Mediwrap Disposable Ambulance Pack is used by emergency services, military medics and emergency planners in the place of traditional bedding. With a new bedding sheet used for each trolley, the pack helps cut the risk of cross infection for patients and staff. When patient transfer includes leaving the bedding with the patient or in situations where laundry is not available (such as field hospitals), the single use Ambulance Pack provides a high quality alternative.

Each pack contains a water-proof bottom sheet, a pillowcase, a Mediwrap high protection blanket & a yellow medical infectious waste disposal bag.

  • Creates a clean ambulance or working environment
  • Promotes quick turnaround time, with minimal cleaning required
  • High absorbency of bodily fluids
  • Fluids are not transferred to the stretcher, mattress or pillow
  • Individually wrapped packs
  • Minimal storage space required, unlike traditional bedding

Widely used by the military in place of traditional bedding, as well as many ambulance services and emergency planners, the Disposable Ambulance Pack is a proven product in demanding situations.

It is ideal for use on stretcher trolleys, and in emergency wards, field hospitals, first aid rooms and anywhere clean emergency bedding is needed.

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