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Mosbys Nursing Drug Cards - 23rd Edition

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Product code: BO/021
ISBN-10: 0323077013
ISBN-13: 978-0-323-32081-8

Author(s): Joseph A. Albanese BS in Pharmacology MS PhD, Patricia A. Nutz RN MSN MEd
Format: Cards
Publisher: Mosby Elsevier
Pages: 894 
Edition Number: 23
Published: June 2015

Get a head start in becoming a pharmacology pro with Mosby's Nursing Drug Cards! More than 375 pre-made cards make it easy to find pharmacologic details and nursing management guidelines for over 750 generic and 600 brand-name drugs. Each durable 4 x 6-inch card lists the most up-to-date nursing information - including descriptions, use(s), mechanism(s), pharmacokinetics, side/adverse effects, contraindications/precautions, interactions, dosing, and nursing management priorities. Organized alphabetically, these all-in-one cards are your portable way to drug proficiency!

  • Over 1,200 generic and 1,500 brand name drugs provide one-stop access to the information most needed for clinical practice.
  • Alphabetical organization makes searching for information quick and easy.
  • Portable 4"x6" size gives you the most convenient and durable nursing drug cards available.
  • Consistent format features generic name, pronunciation, category, pregnancy category, brand name, manufacturer, dosage forms, use, action, pharmacokinetics, contraindications, clinical considerations, dosage, side/adverse effects, interactions, and nursing management priorities.
  • Nursing management priorities assist you in developing effective patient care plans.
  • Tall man lettering offers an easy, visual way to differentiate between similar drug names.
  • NANDA-I-approved nursing diagnoses for all drug categories familiarize you with the application of nursing diagnoses in pharmacology.
  • Information on drug side effects distinguishes between common and life-threatening side effects and helps you anticipate potential reactions and their significance.
  • Drug interaction information includes subheadings for drug, food, and laboratory interactions.
  • Pronunciations for each generic drug and drug category enable you to use and understand drug names in conversation.
  • Common conversion formulas are found on the inside lid of the box.
  • Comprehensive index with generic and trade names, drug classes, combination products, and references to website information enable you to quickly find the information you need.
  • Appendixprovides quick access to additional drug information such as:
    • Herbal and non-herbal nutritional supplements
    • Dosage calculation formulas
    • IV compatibility
  • Student Resources on Evolvegive you access to drug information anywhere you can access the Internet.
    • Illustrated drug administration guide
    • Animations
    • Fundamentals of drug therapy
    • Calculators for drug dosages
    • FDA alerts
    • Commonly prescribed drugs
    • Drug class quickfacts
    • Drug review guide
    • Herbal and non-herbal nutritional supplement information
    • Expanded drug name safety section
    • Online card creator
    • New and archived drugs
    • Spanish phrases often used in clinical settings
    • Weblinks
  • New To This Edition
    • 15 additional drugs and drug categories have been added to this edition to reflect the most recent FDA-approved drugs 
    • 100 new drug facts offer the latest information on dosage forms, new brand names, contraindications, side effects, actions, drug interactions, uses, and nursing management priorities 
    • Condensed category cards feature more concise information to help you easily find the information you need

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