ISBN-10: 072343509X
ISBN-13: 9780723435099

Fundamentals of Obstetrics & Gynaecology

Author(s): Professor Jeremy N Oats, Professor Suzanne Abraham
Cover: Paperback
Pages: 364
Edition: 9th
Published: February 2010

A colourful, well-illustrated textbook of obstetrics and gynaecology that combines clear writing and excellent presentation with the latest advances in the management of normal and abnormal pregnancy and gynaecological disorders and their treatment. A hallmark of the book is its sympathetic approach to the needs of the woman, which is nevertheless combined with an equally strong dedication to including the latest important scientific advances in the field.


  • Over 250 line drawings - more than any other text at a similar price.
  • Short chapters
  • Thorough coverage of clinical management
  • Two books in one

What's New:

  • Completely new ultrasound scans throughout
  • Boxes added in text and as end-of-chapter summaries
  • New layout, in the style of the popular Lissauer Paediatrics text


      1. Gynaecological and obstetric history and examination


      2. Ovulation and the menstrual cycle


      3. Conception and placental development


      4. Embryo and fetus


      5. Physiological and anatomical changes in pregnancy


      6. Antenatal care


      7. Physiology and anatomical changes in childbirth


      8. Course and management of childbirth


      9. The puerperium


      10. Minor complications of pregnancy


      11. Abortion


      12. Extrauterine pregnancy/ectopic gestation


      13. Antepartum haemorrhage


      14. Hypertensive diseases in pregnancy


      15. Cardiovascular, respiratory, haematological and neurological disorders in pregnancy


      16. Endocrine disorders in pregnancy


      17. Infections during pregnancy


      18. Diseases of the placenta and membranes


      19. Variations in the duration of pregnancy


      20. The at-risk fetus


      21. Abnormal fetal presentations


      22. Abnormal labour (dystocia) and prolonged labour


      23. Disorders in the puerperium


      24. Obstetric operations


      25. The epidemiology of obstetrics


      26. The newborn infant


      27. The low-birthweight infant


      28. Disorders of menstruation


      29. Psychological and physical disorders of the menstrual cycle


      30. Human sexuality


      31. Conception control


      32. Infertility


      33. Infections of the genital tract


      34. Atrophic and dystrophic conditions


      35. Endometriosis and adenomyosis


      36. Benign tumours, cysts and malformations of the genital tract


      37. Premalignant and malignant conditions of the female genital tract


      38. Uterovaginal displacements, damage and prolapse


      39. The urinary tract and its relationship to gynaecology


      40. The breast


      41. Gynaecological problems in childhood and adolescence


      42. A woman's middle years: menopause


    43. Anatomy of the female genital tract

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