MST ProsAide Mannequin Adhesive

MST ProsAide Mannequin Adhesive is a liquid-based adhesive used to apply MST prosthetics to training mannequins. Working time is approximately 30 minutes once exposed to air (a hair dryer or other heat source can be used to speed the cure).

To correctly apply MST Mannequin Adhesive, using a cotton swab, apply some adhesive to the wound back and application site. Wait until the adhesive on both sides is fully dry (it will be completely clear) and affix the two sides together. Additional adhesive may be used to secure the edges of the prosthetic.

MST ProsAide Mannequin Adhesive is easily removed using rubbing alcohol and comes in an 85ml tube.

Precautions: Not recommended for application of MST Prosthetics to human skin. Do not get in eyes or mouth. Always close after use.

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