MST Silicone Adhesive

MST Silicone Adhesive is a two-part silicone adhesive used to apply all of the MST prosthetics to human actor or trainee skin. This product comes in a 568ml convenient plunger tube, it can be sealed and saved for later use.

Working time is approximately 10-15 minutes after the two parts have been mixed. MST Silicone Adhesive is sweat and waterproof and can be used in all weather conditions (a hairdryer or other heat source is recommended in cold conditions). Hypoallergenic and extremely durable, MST Silicone Adhesive can be left on for as long as needed and is easily removed by simply peeling.

Precautions: Do not use on excessively hairy areas of the body. Shaving before use is recommended before use in these areas. To aid in removal, rubbing alcohol may be used. Do not cut or tear MST Silicone Adhesive from prosthetics as the prosthetic may also tear. Use the leftover adhesive to aid in application for the next use. A heat source may be used to speed the cure of MST Silicone Adhesive.


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