MST Simulated Blood - 114ml Bottle

MST Simulated Blood is of Hollywood quality and will enhance the realism of any training scenario. This product comes in a convenient 114ml spray-top container.

This blood even dries in a realistic bright red & brittle manner, and clots in a realistic manner when a special simulated haemostatic bandage is applied. MST Simulated Blood is compatible with all MST prosthetics.

Precautions: Shake before use. Do not use in eyes or mouth. May stain skin or clothing. Do not allow blood to dry in tubing of prosthetics (rinse after use). For removal, wash with warm, soapy water. Some individuals may experience skin irritation when using this product. Test on skin before large scale use. Do not use active haemostatic bandages with this blood. Only MST haemostatic bandages will cause clotting with this blood.

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