NiteRedi Illuminated Storage Board with LED Lights - Yellow

The NiteRedi is a storage/clipboard with the added advantage of a Lightbridge with 4 ultra bright LEDs to illuminate the clipboard.

The large storage compartment can be locked to keep all your papers together, safe and away from prying eyes! It holds approximately 200 sheets of A4 paper (1 thickness), and there is a separate area for the Lightbridge, writing instruments and even mini torches.

The storage compartment also has a watertight seal so, once its locked your paperwork is protected come rain or shine.

Made from ultra smooth (and extremely durable) polyproylene, its easy to write on, and the low profile but heavy duty spring clip will keep your papers firmly in place while you write. The NiteRedi also has a Velcro strip to allow for easy attachment to a Ticket Board.

The Lightbridge is powered by 4 x AAA batteries with an easy to activate switch, even with gloves on. The Lightbridge is perfect if you are in a badly lit environment, or if you don't want to be obtrusive while taking notes at night, for example on a hospital ward. If you don't need the light, it can easily be removed and kept in its own section of the storage compartment. The Lightbridge can even be used as an emergency torch when detached from the board.

The Nite Redi can be easily cleaned and disinfected once the Lightbridge has been removed.

The Nite Redi is perfect for any profession that has paperwork, whether its emergency services, healthcare, security or delivery driving.

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