OrveWrap Emergency Patient Blanket


Specially designed, developed and manufactured in-house at Orvecare in the UK. OrveWrap combines the safety and security of a traditional foil rescue blanket with the warmth of a soft fleece blanket.

Suitable for emergency situations and operations where set up time is limited the OrveWrap is easily manipulated, tailored and cut without damaging its integrity enabling patient operating areas to be accessed with ease. Surgical fields can also be extended without disruption to the operation.

Give to the patient 30 minutes before a procedure in elective surgery. OrveWrap can be pre-warmed.

Tests show that maintaining core temperature gives a much improved patient outcome, reduces the risk of a surgical site infection and aids general recovery times. Orve-wrap can be cut to size without damaging its integrity as long as the majority of the thermal 'pockets' in direct contact with the patient remain intact.

  • Alleviates hypothermia 
  • Barrier to bacteria 
  • Non conductive and radiolucent 
  • Maintains normothermia 
  • Latex free 
  • Low linting 
  • Shower proof 
  • Single use 
  • Recyclable 
  • Compact, lightweight and easy to store 
  • High visibility levels increasing patient safety 
  • BS EN ISO 12952:2012 fire retardancy tested 
  • Made in the UK 
  • Applications: 
    • Pre, post and intra-operative warming 
    • A&E 
    • Critical care 
    • General ward use 
    • Emergency response services
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