Public Access Bleeding Control Pack Bag - Unkitted

This product can also be purchased kitted.

No matter how quick our amazing Emergency Services are, bystanders and members of the public will always be first on the scene during any incident, whether that's a road traffic collision or a major terrorist attack involving mass casualties

A person who is bleeding can die from blood loss within five minutes, therefore it is important to quickly stop the blood loss. Having the right basic and easy to use medical equipment close to hand, no matter where the emergency is, is essential for saving as many lives as possible.

Although still in its relative infancy, the roll out of the Public Access Defibrillation Scheme across the UK has been extremely successful thanks to the amazing work of organisations such as the British Heart Foundation and the NHS Ambulance Service Trusts.

We believe that also having a large number of publicly accessible 'Bleeding Control Packs' in all major shopping centres, public transport stations, airports, on actual trains, motorway service stations, and all public buildings is the right thing to do given the current risk from extremists, terrorists and even just every day accidents.

The Product Development Team at SP are currently developing a range of products including individual packs and wall mounted cabinets that will put life saving haemorrhage control kits in easy access for members of the public as well as for emergency medics and responders who happen to be also in the vicinity of an incident.

We can also develop bespoke medical response kits tailored to your organisation's exact requirements.

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