Portex PCK Cricothyroidotomy Kit

  • The Portex PCK provides the tools for Emergency Airway Access
  • Innovative needle design indicates entry to the trachea and any subsequent contact with the posterior tracheal wall
  • 6mm bore Cricothyroidotomy tube enables spontaneous breathing and the Portex Soft Seal cuff secures the airway
  • Designed to meet emergency requirements
  • Pre-assembled procedure kit, compact and robustly packaged for inclusion in trauma bags
  • Supplied sterile in flexible outer plastic shell
  • Manufacturers Part Number: 100/465/060
  • The Portex PCK kit contains
    • PCK Device
    • Scalpel - Size 15
    • 10ml Syringe
    • Lubricating Gel
    • Tube Holder
    • Nylon Suture
    • Thermovent T

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