Practi-man Family Pack

The Practi-man family pack, designed to supply upto 6 people with at least 1 manikin, this pack contains:

  • 3 x Standard Adult Practi-man Manikins
  • 3 x Practi-Baby Manikins
  • 1 x Wheeled Bag

Practi-man is the number one option when it comes to giving hands on experience to as many people as possible.

When it comes to Manikins there is a massive amount of technology available to push the learning experience further, however with the more complex manikin comes a more complex price, this can mean that 1 manikin is shared between an entire class of trainees.

When it comes to simulating trauma and training people a hands on approach is nearly always best, and that's exactly what Practi-man accounts for, with it's cheaper price point it allows you to provide manikins to majority of your students, ensuring they get valuable hands on experience that they would otherwise miss out on.


  • Two In One Simulation. Adult and child CPR training all done with a single manikin.
  • Positional selection dials to quickly switch between your desired practice position.
  • Airway systems to help simulate realistic breathing.
  • Fast and easy assembly, consisting of 4 parts being the head, lung, valve and torso that quickly combine to ensure fast set up and less time spent preparing.
  • AED aware, the skin is designed with AED's in mind ensuring the pads leave no residue behind on the skin.

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