SAM Chest Seal without Valve - 2 Dressings

The SAM Chest Seal is an occlusive dressing designed for treating open chest wounds (also known as a sucking chest wound), a life-threatening situation that could lead to tension pneumothorax. This is the second leading cause of preventable death on the battlefield.

  • Self-adherent hydrogel dressing
  • Answers the long standing need for an adhesive strong enough to adhere to skin in the presence sweat, blood, hair, sand, or water
  • Hydrogel adhesive also allows for the ability to reseal, making it ideal for venting
  • Non valved version designed to completely seal an open chest wound
  • Both the packaging and chest seal can be viewed under no light conditions with the use of a night vision device
  • Rapid, highly absorbent 5″ x 9″ pad included
  • Latex free
  • Also available valved

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