Bastion (NP) Nasopharyngeal Airways

Please note there is a delay on product code IN/806 - Green. Please choose alterniative size or alternative product IN/406.

The Bastion (NP) Nasopharyngeal Airway is the key airway adjunct for emergency responders. The safety bevel eliminates the risk of the airway from travelling down the nasal passage while providing the maximum comfort for the patient in time critical emergencies.

  • Ideal when oral airway adjuncts cannot be secured
  • Allows access for small nasotracheal suctioning
  • Size colour coded to match suction catheter colour coding
  • Made from medical grade PVC
IN/806 - Green (Delay on Stock) ID 6.0 mm 26 Fr
IN/807 - Orange ID 7.0 mm 30 Fr
IN/808 - Red ID 8.0 mm 34 Fr
IN/809 - Yellow ID 9.0 mm 38 Fr

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