Crowded Places Guidance Crisis Response Kit

The UK's National Counter Terrorism Security Office has just published their new Crowded Places Guidance. Crowded places include shopping centres, sports stadia, bars, pubs and clubs which are easily accessible to the public and attractive to terrorists. 

NaCTSO say "The UK faces a real threat from terrorism and crowded places remain an attractive target." The guidance has been written to help those charged with security at crowded places mitigate the threat and help make the UK less vulnerable to an attack.

Part of the guidance includes advice on businesses putting together Crisis Responce Kits.

The SP Crisis Response Kit has taken the NaCTSO guidance plus our own product experience and knowledge and put all the items in one handy bag. It's is ideal for the sudden evacuation of buildings such as hotels, schools, shopping centres, cinemas, bars, clubs and restaurants.

With this kit you have the piece of mind knowing that if an emergency evacuation is necessary you have all the equipment you need, in one place, to ensure the safety of your workforce or members of the public.

  • 1 x 10w Megaphone (batteries included)
  • 1 x Universal First Aid Kit
  • 25 x Foil Space Blankets
  • 1 x Drum of Cleansing/Disinfectant Wipes
  • 10 x 12 Hour Green Light Sticks
  • 1 x 250m Roll of Cordon/Barrier Tape
  • 3 x Lightweight Handlamps (batteries incl)
  • 3 x High Visibility Waist Coats
  • 6 x SP Services Battenburg Pens
  • 3 x Plastic Clip Boards
  • 3 x A4 Note Books
  • 3 x Safety Specs/Goggles
  • 3 x 3M Dust Type Face Mask
  • 1 x Reflective Badge CRISIS RESPONSE
  • 1 x Padded Zipped Red Wipeable Emergency Holdall

 also recommend that businesses should consider adding the following extra items to the above kit:

  • Two Way Radios, spare batteries & charger
  • Computer back-up disks/memory sticks
  • Spare keys/security codes
  • Mobile telephone with credit available
  • Mobile Phone Charger/Portable Powerbank
  • Camera
  • Dictaphone/voice recorder
  • Cash (for journeys home, etc)
  • Glucose Tablets (for diabetics)
  • Bottles of Water
  • Hard Hats

We can also produce other kits, large and small, that meet your organisation's particular requirements. Just contact us at to discuss your needs.

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