OB3000 Portable Suction Unit

The OB3000  Portable Suction Unit is smaller, lighter and more powerful than the market leader and has over 78% longer battery capacity. It has been designed and built to the highest quality and meets all new and existing safety standards, including ones for use on aircraft.

It boasts some excellent functionality. The latest battery technology allows around 80 minutes capacity on free cycle usage and the battery status can be checked at any time, even when the device is turned off.  Weighing less than 2.8kg, the ergonomic exterior & vehicle mounting system houses an internal micro processor for improved safety, maintenance and clinical governance; a powerful double piston pump giving 33 LPM suction power, developing a maximum pressure rate of 800mbar; and a high grade protection against liquid substance infiltration.

  • Max. suction rate 800 mbar (80 kPa)
  • Max. suction flow 33 litre/minute
  • Weight < 2,8 kg
  • Reusable collection canister or canister compatible with Serres liner available
  • Lithium polymer battery (solid-non organic)
  • Battery status indicator with no need to turn on the device
  • Battery to be replaced by user
  • Works with 12 and 24 Vcc
  • Inner microprocessor for all data record and functioning tracing
  • Safety inspection reminder
  • Analogic fluorescent vacuum meter, with mmHg scale upon request
  • Compliant to all current norms, 93/42/CEE Directive and main reference norm ISO10079-1
  • Mains charger also available here
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