Sager Traction Splint Model 304 - ADULT

One Person Application
Light In Weight - Small In Storage Size
Stainless Steel Construction
Positive Quantifiable In Line Traction

NSN: 6515-99-898-5651


The Sager 204 provides increased safety, comfort and manoeuvrability for child or adult, whilst treating single or bilateral lower limb fractures. The Sagers lschial Perineal Cushion duplicates the Thomas Full Ring function. Counter traction against the ischial tuberosity, pubic ramus and the symphasis pubis is attached comfortably for both sexes of all body sizes.

No ishial bar to interfere with interochanteric, sub capsular and other proximal femoral fractures. Pelvis and body reclination remain natural for straight and sublime alignment.

Sagers Dynamic Traction flows with the patients injury to allow for relaxation or contraction which invariably occurs. The quantifiable feature allows easy visual reference to control the recommended 15 pounds (6.8kg) traction at all

The Sager system permits you to document exactly how much traction you have applied to your patient. Many orthopaedic surgeons refer to a maximum of 15 pounds traction and caution against excessive traction. Static traction splints cannot compensate for relaxing muscle masses during emergency traction splinting unless the attendant notices patient discomfort, or loss of traction and makes adjustments. In addition, any compensation with static traction is an unknown variance and may result in further damage, loss of blood, or patient discomfort.

Features and Benefits

  • One person application - frees second rescuer to attend to other patients needs or procedures.
  • Compatible with Anti-Shock Trousers - inside or outside.
  • Ready for use (nothing to assemble).
  • One rescuer can splint bilateral femoral fractures very quickly.
  • Universal application - single or bilateral, adult or child.
  • Entire splint stays within body silhouette.
  • Can be applied in any patient position.
  • Patient can be moved to any position with splint in place.
  • Compatible with back boards, stretchers, baskets.
  • Fits bare ankle, shoe, ski boot, work boot, or any other foot or leg apparel.
  • Light in weight, small in storage size.
  • Stainless steel construction, very robust, economical.
  • No heel stand.
  • The only traction device which allows parallel foot and leg positioning. Pedal binding (figure eight strap) controls internal and external rotation.
  • Controlled one way inner shaft extension.
  • Quantifiable Dynamic Traction.
  • Prevents excessive traction. Traction is quantifiable, a positive consideration for medical legal purposes.
  • Does not require foot to be elevated
  • Anatomically allows for natural body alignment.
  • Can be applied in a confined space.
  • Easy access to Dorsalis Pedis pulse.
  • No Sciatic Nerve compression (neuropraxia).
  • Ideal for proximal third or intertrochanteric fracture (hip fracture).
  • Easy access to Posterior Tibial pulse.
  • Traction remains positive.
  • Counter traction design permits movement and lifting without slippage of traction device.
  • Traction device can be applied with minimum movement of fractured leg(s).
  • Maximises patient comfort.
  • Secures and packages patient for optimal transportation.
  • No body weight limitation.

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