Heartstream 12-Lead Arrhythmia Simulator with Manikin Overlay large

The Heartstream 12-Lead Arrhythmia Simulator can be used on any medium or large sized manikin or simulator to change it into a 12-lead trainer.

Pace and defibrillate directly on the overlay system connected to the interactive 12-lead ECG simulator, included with the overlay.

When the pacer current is greater than the selected capture level, paced beats will appear on your monitor.

  • Simulate cardioversion with your manual, semiautomatic, or automatic defibrillator
  • Waveforms for pacing include:
    • Sinus Brady (two), 1st degree A-V block
    • 2nd degree type I A-V block
    • 2nd degree type II A-V block
    • 2nd degree type II A-V block with PVCs
    • 3rd degree A-V block
  • Waveforms for defibrillator training include:
    • V. Fib, V. Tach (high rate)
    • V. Tach (low rate)
    • Torsade
    • A. Fib
    • A. Flutter
    • zPSVT
    • Sinus Tach
    • Sinus rhythm
    • Sinus rhythm with PVCs
    • Asystole
  • Generate ST segment and T wave of abnormalities, including:
    • Anterior MI
    • Inferior MI
    • Antero-Septal ST elevation
    • Anterior ST depression
    • Lateral ST elevation
    • Inferior ST elevation
  • LEDs indicate:
    • Pacer pulse detection
    • Defibrillator discharge detection
    • Low battery

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