Telford Extrication Device - TED

  • Safe & Effective Spinal Immobilisation
  • Easy to Use, Supplied with Head Pad & Straps
  • Versatile & Adaptable to Most Scenarios
  • Based on the KED - Kendrick Extrication Device
  • 62cm high for versatility

Vertical rigidity and horizontal flexibility makes SP's Telford Extrication Device most suitable for extrication and spinal immobilisation in an emergency situation.

Can be used on a pregnant patient, small or paediatric patients. Also may be used for splinting a fractured hip or a fractured pelvis.

May be used with a cardiac monitor / defibrillator. Also does not interfere with or limit the use of anti-shock trousers.

Tough vinyl exterior allows minimal maintenance while strong and resilient straps and battens ensure total unit integrity.

* Application requires a minimum of 2 rescuers, 3 is recommended.

Extrication Device has been designed to satisfy two primary objectives:

  • To simply and effectively immobilise the spine of patients with suspected spinal injuries
  • To provide a means of handling a patient in tight quarters and removing him or her from same

The Extrication Device allows the EMT-Paramedic to provide the quality care that every patient deserves and expects. The limitations put on the extrication Device are intended to maintain a wide margin of safety allowing for those variables so often present at the scene of an accident. In any application it should be used only as directed by local EMS authorities.

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