Univisor - Standard Visor

For Doctor, Nurse, Police & Paramedic badges, your certificate/pin/Warrant Card/GMC number will be required

The Univisor provides clear identification for emergency services and highly visible temporary marking for vehicles. Used extensively by various emergency services worldwide including Police, Fire, Search and Rescue, Ambulances, Doctors, Paramedics, Nurses and First Responders. Univisor's huge range of visors are perfect for marking any emergency vehicle that may be out of service or just out on test, also a great idea for unmarked police cars, CID officers or anyone who has to use their own car for working within an emergency or rescue service.

  • Made to patented design. Fits most vehicles
  • Simply slides over existing vehicle's sun-visor
  • No fixing, brackets or sticking
  • Hidden / removable when not in use
  • Tested to International DIN standard for in-car items
  • Recyclable, washable, UV stable, shatterproof, fireproof
  • Printed with retro-reflective letters. Wide range of colours
  • For Doctor, Nurse and Paramedic badges your certificate/PIN number is required
  • For Police a copy of a warrant card is required

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