Emergency Burn Care Guide

Burn-injured patients can be very complex. When a patient enters the burn care system, he or she will require intense and dedicated management. Injuries may be lifelong with permanent scarring and disfigurement. Children may have to undergo numerous surgeries before reaching adulthood.

Burn-injured patients are trauma patients, and must always be managed with great care and attention to the trauma management pathway, as their presentation can change rapidly, possibly catching the responders unaware until it may be too late. Certain areas of the human body (i.e. face, hands, feet, groin) are deemed critical for burn injury. An understanding of their importance and implementation of correct management will help towards a more positive outcome.

Upskilling on severe burns life support is recommended to ensure that emergency responders have a better understanding of this potentially very difficult emergency response call. Therefore, this guide will allow you to understand the treatment and effects of burns in a pre-hospital setting.

The book focuses on many areas of burn care including:

  • Practical management
  • Burn identification and classification
  • Chemical / Electrical Burns
  • And even more!

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