Buddy Lite Blood/Fluid Warmer

The Buddy LITE Blood/Fluid Warmer is a revolution in en-route care, helping patients to arrive warm.

Designed for hospital and field use, the Buddy LITE is battery operated, powerful and lightweight - weighing less than 1kg including the battery pack, and is small enough to remain in line during patient transfer.

The sophisticated design incorporates several heating and sensing zones which allow efficient, responsive, low maintenance, dry heat.

The Buddy Lite is easy-to-use and durable, requiring virtually no operator involvement.

Heats and delivers 3 litres of fluid from 20ºC to 38ºC in a single cycle

  • For in line blood and/or fluid warming
  • Remains in line during transport
  • Weighs 0.73kg including battery
  • Dry heat, responsive, low maintenance heating
  • Water resistant
  • Next to patient - preventing line cooling
  • Removable heater units can be attached to wrist
  • Built in safety features for air elimination, pressure regulation and back flow prevention
  • Can be used with standard IV tubing
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