Clear Panel Face Covering - Single Pack - Disposable

Please note this is a face covering, not a medical mask and is intended for use in low-risk areas to support the vulnerable to help lip read and see the expressions of the face.

‘Smiles Better – See Smiles for Miles’

Unlike other face coverings, the Clear Expression Face Covering allows us to see each other’s entire face and facial expressions, making communication more human, natural, and accessible.

Transparent, see-through face coverings are important for so many people, including deaf and hard of hearing individuals, the elderly, children, schools and teachers, translators and many more.

They are created with an anti-fog plastic fully transparent mouthpiece directly over the mouth so that individuals can communicate more effectively whilst always being safe and eliminates barriers caused by traditional face coverings.


  • Disposable and intended for one-time use.
  • Soft round ear rubber / soft spandex around ear-loop.
  • Made from soft material and easy to wear.
  • Soft and comfortable inner cover.
  • Pleated for support to the face.
  • Breathable and easy to wear without discomfort.

Initially designed for use in the deaf/hard of hearing communities, the popularity of the Clear Expression Face Covering quickly spread to facilities caring for dementia patients (who need to see the person’s entire face to help with recognition) and beyond. Feel free to contact us in order to find out whether Clear Expression Face Coverings could work for you!

For use in many settings* including:

  • Dental / Chiropractor / Therapy Offices
  • Assisted Living Facilities / Nursing Homes
  • Beauty, Hair, Nail Salons / Spas
  • Schools / Teachers / Child Care Providers
  • Interpreting for Deaf / Hard of Hearing

*Not for use in Clinical Surgical Areas

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