Decision Log Book - Single Copy

The DLB provides a definitive, legal record for
decision making staff involved in emergency duties

The Decision Log Book fills the need for a definitive record for all senior decision making staff involved in emergency duties. Designed for individual post holders, groups using the National Command and control structures, it allows a legal record to be created for future reference. This enables an organisation to fulfil its obligation to have a record of information received and decisions made during a period of a duty or for a more protracted and complex emergency incident, information for which may be contained within a number of books

When used for an individual post holder, the book can be a record for one individual, lasting days or weeks, depending on the issues resolved and the decisions made. It will be a personal record, similar to a police officer's pocket note book.. The information on a larger complex incident may be contained within a number of DLBs.

Key Features:

  • Proven, paper-based system
  • Designed for any collaborative decision making group formed to handle an emergency, e.g. Chief Executives at NHS Gold / STAC level, Military decision makers, Accident Investigators, Local Authority decision planners
  • Specifications
    Size: 297x210x6mm, Weight: 318g. Numbered book with sequentially numbered pages. Can fully record 10 separate decisions. Soft cover.
  • Can be customised to particular applications and requirements
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