Draeger Transwarmer Mattress Infant Warming Device - SINGLE

An optimal solution to keep infants warm and reduce hypothermia risk during transport within the hospital or between hospitals.

The TransWarmer© Mattress is a thermal device with WarmGel©. The mattress is designed for use in Newborn Nursery, Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, and Transport Unit to prevent neonates from cold stress and hypothermia. The TransWarmer heats up quickly and provides continuous heat for up to two hours without external power source. The unique gelatinous texture and soft surface allow to create a 'nest' while optimizing positioning of neonatal patients. The TransWarmer helps absorb vibration during transport of infants.

Safe continuous heat

When used as stated in Instructions for Use, the TransWarmer provides an instant heat of 38øC (100.4øF) for up to two hours. The TransWarmer reaches its operating temperature within approximately 90 seconds. It reduces the hypothermia risk in neonates.

Secure and comfortable environment

The patented WarmGel technology provides a unique gel constitution. With the soft, non-woven fabric surface it creates a 'natural nesting environment' for more warmth, safety, comfort, and containment. The TransWarmer absorbs vibration during transport.


The TransWarmer Mattress Infant Warming Devise allows clinicians the flexibility and comfort of continuous heat at any place or time without the electricity and water associated with other neonatal warmers.

Safe and easy use

The risk of auto-activation is reduced by a convenient trigger-disc. The non-toxic food-grade gel does not harm infants skin or eyes. Single patient use minimizes the risk of cross-infection. The TransWarmer is X-Ray translucent and MRI compatible.


  • Safe continuous heat
  • Secure and comfortable environment
  • Flexibility
  • Safe and easy use

Technical Data


  • Size: 25 x 41 cm / 10" x 16"
  • Content: Sodium acetate (food grade), water and thickeners (all contents are non-toxic)
  • Operating temperature: 38øC (100.4øF) when used as directed
  • Reaching operating temperature: within 90 seconds Use in Newborn Nursery, NICU, Transport Unit, OR, and ER
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