ISBN-10: 0702042285
ISBN-13: 9780702042287

ECGs by Example - 3rd Edition

Author(s): Richard Dean Jenkins, Stephen John Gerred
Cover: Paperback
Pages: 228 (338 Illustrations)
Published: June 2011

This is a book of 100 full 12-lead ECGs displayed on the upper part of a double-page spread with, below, notes and illustrations about the particular features of the ECG that are of importance, and a clinical comment on the case along with a list of the common causes of the problem. Thus the book provides in itself a collection of full 12-lead ECGs of a wide range of common clinical problems encountered in casualty, ordered in the way that a fledgling ECG mind might place them. All the ECGs are reproduced as real traces and are of normal size. Examples of variation in the clinical conditions are also included. The book carries on from simpler ECG books and provides a greater depth of experience in ECG training.

    • Provides good reproduction of full 12-lead ECGs
    • Includes a wide range of cardiac abnormalities
    • Highlights the diagnostic criteria for each abnormality listed
    • Reflects how this subject is encountered in practice
    • The traces are originals, not redrawn or stylized
    • Assists the student by illustrating alongside the key features of the recording; thus these can be viewed in relation to the whole trace
    • A useful guide to a difficult subject which has to be fully understood by a wide range of health professionals
    • Thoroughly revised and updated for this new edition with additional case examples


  • Includes a new section on the approach to the ECG.
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