Endotracheal Tube - Uncuffed

Please note this product has a short expiry date (11/21).

  • Murphy Eye - Provides an alternate pathway for gas flow in case of occlusion
  • Closely spaced coil (on reinforced only) - Increases strength & flexibility, reducing the risk of occlusion whilst in use
  • High quality valve - For reliable control of cuff inflation and pressure
  • Clear 15mm connector - Enables connection to standard anaesthetic and ventilation breathing system equipment
  • Radio-opaque line - To enable identification of the endotracheal tube on a chest X-Ray
  • Single Use - Reduces the risk of contamination
  • Calibration - An accurate indication of insertion depth and an aid for monitoring the endotracheal tube position
  • Depth marker lines - To facilitate the placement of the tube during intubation. (This should always be confirmed by auscultation)
  • High volume, low pressure cuff - Minimising trauma to the trachea with a low pressure seal against the tracheal wall protecting the patient’s airway, preventing leakage and allowing accurate control of gas flow
  • Smooth soft tip - To reduce the potential of tracheal trauma during intubation.
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