ISBN-10: 0117020745
ISBN-13: 9780117020740

Guide to Safety at Sports Grounds - HMSO

Author(s): Football Licensing Authority - Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS)
Cover: Paperback
Pages: 228
Edition: 5th
Published: June 2008
Publisher: Stationery Office Books

Written by the Football Licensing Authority, the 'Guide to Safety at Sports Grounds - Fifth Edition' provides detailed guidance to ground management design in respect to increasing safety at sports grounds and stadiums. Written in reference to both management and design of grounds, it is of great use to technical specialists, such as architects and engineers, as well as all relevant authorities who oversee safety in sports grounds and assess how many spectators can be safely accommodated within a sports ground.

This publication provides guidance on measures intended to improve safety at existing grounds, in terms of their design and safety management. Greater emphasis is given to the responsibility of management to undertake its own risk assessments and that the safety of spectators with disabilities should not be considered in isolation of all other spectators is also indicated.


  • Calculating the Safe Capacity of a Sports Ground
  • Management:
    • Responsibility and Planning for Safety
    • Stewarding
    • Structures, Installations and Components
    • Circulation:
    • General
    • Ingress
    • Vertical Circulation
    • Concourses and Vomitories
    • Egress and Emergency Evacuation
    • Barriers
    • Spectator Accommodation:
    • Seating
    • Standing
    • Temporary Demountable Structures
  • Fire Safety
  • Communications
  • Electrical and Mechanical Services
  • Medical and First Aid Provision for Spectators
  • Media Provision.

The 'Guide to Safety at Sports Grounds - Fifth Edition' is illustrated throughout and includes diagrams and flow charts for further learning.

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