HF Antidote Gel Kit

Due to rising sales of hybrid and electric cars increasing by approximately 60% in the last 12 months, the risk associated with HF burns has also increased.

Therefore preventative measures must be taken to reduce this risk.

It has been concluded via safety assessments, that electrolyte liquid spills from Lithium-Ion batteries react with air and water to produce hydrofluoric acid, an extremely hazardous liquid.

If the skin is exposed to hydrofluoric acid, it can penetrate tissue and bones, removing calcium from them and vital organs which can be lethal.

Normal sterile wash products WILL NOT neutralise hydrofluoric acid, therefore HF Antidote Gel and only HF Antidote Gel, should be applied within 1 minute of exposure.

The HF first aid kits are supplied with 4 x 25g tubes of HF Gel that can be conveniently carried upon your person.

The kit also includes 2 pairs of gloves for applying the gel to the patient.

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