Hypervent Bag - Box of 5

  • For the treatment of patients with hyperventilation.
  • An ISO 9001 manufactured and CE marked product.
  • Features an integral mouthpiece.
  • A medically clean alternative to paper products.
  • Includes a filter membrane, prevents contamination.
  • Reduces the risks of infection & inhaling foreign bodies.
  • Includes a port allowing air to be entrained reducing the risk of hypoxia.
  • Does not absorb moisture.
  • Strong and durable, will not easily break.
  • Available singly or in packs of 5.
  • An ideal stock item for First Aid Units, Ambulance Services, A&E departments and GP surgeries.

Review by Jeremy Andrews, Operations Director 
Event First Aid Cover UK Ltd
"Out of the box the Hypervent bags looked good. The packaging was good quality and small enough to not be noticed when in 02 or Response bags. At first I was skeptical with these as I've always been taught that effective coaching was the only way to bring down a respiratory rate. But I decided that If I had another Hyperventilating patient that I'd crack one of these out if coaching wasn't working. It took a while but finally a patient that this could be used with. It was a panic attack, with a resp rate of over 20RPM and no other presenting conditions we started the coaching. It initially worked but the patient panicked again. We decided to see if the Hypervent Stop would work. Out it came, it unfolded easily and the patient easily understood the instructions. After a very short period of time, the resp rate dropped to within normal limits, So we stopped using the hypervent stop bag and luckily the patients respiratory rate stayed within normal ranges. An excellent product and great quality, Not a replacement for coaching but an excellent addition to it if initial coaching is unsuccessful."

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