LSP Burn Sheet (145cm x 210cm)- Single

The LSP Trauma/Burn Sheet has been professionally designed for wet or dry emergency first aid treatment of burns, abrasions and skin irritations.

The LSP Trauma/Burn towel is an integral part of the innovative Trauma/Burn Pac Emergency Treatment system. The towels are ideal for ambulances, paramedics, or disaster response vehicles, and are especially suited for the treatment of trauma/burn accidents most often encountered in such places as industrial facilities, restaurants, commercial kitchens, trucks, hotels, and gas stations... anywhere major medical injuries can occur.


Designed for fast and efficient use, each face mask comes in it?s own easy to open package.


Each Trauma/Burn towel is individually sterilized, preventing contamination while treating wounds and minimising shock.


These special tri-laminate masks help to minimize scarring which results when dressings adhere to the wound. Trauma/Burn Face Masks placed directly against severely burned or damaged body tissue will not stick.


Fibres are firmly fixed, reducing the chance for a contamination or infiltration of the wound. Fibres wick inward and will not migrate outward, even when damp.

Highly Absorbent

Polyurethane foam core is a porous, highly absorbent material that provides excellent air and fluid exchange. Material displays excellent strength, even when wet.


All materials used in the production of the sheets are Hypo-Allergenic.

Use with Confidence

Trauma/Burn Towels are used daily by physicians, trauma and burn specialists, nurses and paramedics, throughout the world. You can use these masks with confidence backed by ten years of field applications.


Thickness: 1.3mm
Colour: Yellow
Material: Hypo-Allergenic tri-laminate, Two outer layers non-woven rayon, One centre layer high porosity polyester urethane foam.
Water Retention: 12 times it?s own weight
Sterilization: Radiation
Shelf Life: Indefinite

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