Military Style ABC Trauma & Gunshot Wound First Aid Pack

Survivability of Trauma Wounds has undergone an unprece­dented revolution. People are surviving catastrophic injuries which, only a few years back, would have been fatal. The reason is a revolution in military first aid.

This trauma casualty’s survival prospects depend greatly, upon the emergency first aid actions taken in the minutes immediately following the wounding — it’s the capabilities of the firstaider, not the well equipped trauma hospital or air ambulance, that are crucial to survivability in any trauma wounding.

ABC is the military’s highly-successful “catastrophic haemorrhage first” updating of the traditional ABC of Airway, Breathing, Circulation first aid treatment priorities.

Unique “Use or Discard” implementation of ABC – where every item acts as a step-by-step aide memoire.

Compartmentalized Task Focus – avoids distractions from the immediate task.

Wearable ‘there when you need it’ design – because time is everything in Trauma injury, and big kits get left in the car.

Specific to Time-Critical : Life-Threatening situations – you don’t want to be distracted with sticking plasters or non-essential items when dealing with Trauma injury.

Key items same as UK/NATO military issue – so you can be confident you have the best equipment and are compliant with de facto UK standards.

ABC - Enhanced Emergency First Aid training courses are also available.

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