Patient Flat Transfer Sheet - Economy - 90cm x 200cm

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This economy range of flat sheets without handles has been introduced to help your budget go further.

Manufactured from a fabric commonly used by other suppliers it is not as slippy as our Deluxe range and therefore does not offer the same benefits and advantages that that range offers the end-user. However, we still manufacture them with the same attention to strength and detail in the finish that we do with all our products so that the capability and durability is assured.

This range of Flat Sheets is popular where staff want the versatility of the two flat sheets but do not want to use handles.

They are particularly useful in areas where you want to predominately:

  • Transfer patients laterally
  • Turn patients
  • Prone Patients
  • Combine a flat sheet with another transfer product

In the right hands, they offer a phenomenal level of versatility.

They can be used to:

  • Used in pairs to move patients up and down the bed
  • Used in pairs to sit patients up
  • Wide sizes are ideal for transferring from one surface to another
  • Used in pairs to swivel patients into and out of beds
  • Used in pairs to extract a fallen patient from an awkward space


  • Excellent sliding capability.
  • Extremely versatile and flexible.
  • Can be used singly or in pairs.
  • Used for transferring patients, sliding laterally, turning.

Areas of use typically but not exclusively:

  • General Ward Staff
  • Theatres and X-ray Staff
  • Day Clinics/ Out-Patients
  • Paramedic/Emergency Services
  • Community Based Staff
  • Nursing & Residential Homes
  • Social Services
  • Care at Home
  • District Nurses

Washing and cleaning:

  • Can be washed between 72°C - 85°C
  • Can be tumble dried (although a lower tumble dry temperature is preferable as high drying temperature degrade the fabric more quickly)
  • Can be wiped down using proprietary sterilising cleaners


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