ISBN-13: 9781859596692

Practice Education in Paramedic Science Theories and Application

Author(s): Karen Gubbins, Sharon Hardwick
Cover: Paperback
Pages: 115
Edition: 1st Edition
Publisher: Class Publications
Published: April 2019

Practice-based education and placements are vital components of UK paramedic science programmes as they allow students to apply their university education, knowledge and theory to real life aspects of practice in the ambulance service. This book highlights the importance of the practice educator (PEd) role in supporting and assessing the learner during their practice-based education.

Designed to serve as both an introductory resource as well as a text which can support your existing knowledge, Practice Education in Paramedic Science is a clear and easy-to-use guide for registered paramedics hoping to become practice educators as well as those already taking on board the practice educator role. The book offers a sound understanding of the practice educator role within the paramedic profession, highlighting important aspects such as student–practice educator interaction, learner assessment and reflection. Both authors are experienced practice educators themselves and offer a breadth of knowledge on the unique challenges and benefits of practice education whilst combining their expertise with established theories on coaching, leadership and mentoring. This book will be of interest to all healthcare professionals responsible for educating learners within practice as well as anyone undertaking practice-based education themselves.

Key features of the book include:

  • Multiple case scenarios
  • Reflective points and questions
  • Recognised theories and their application to practice education
  • First-hand perspectives from learners and practice educators
  • Where to find support for practice educator


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