RedVac EMS Vacuum Splint Set - 3 Splints, Carry Bag & Pump

The RedVac vacuum splints are used to fix and immobilise patients suspected of having fractures and hurt or broken extremities. The applications are limited to preclinical assistance and the first phase of clinical support. The Red Vac vacuum splints are not suited for permanent immobilisation as is the case with a plaster. Open wounds are sterilized are dressed before applying the vacuum splints in accordance with recent standards of aseptic wound treatment.

The RedVac EMS Vacuum Splint Set comes complete with 3 separate unique splints (Ankle / Foot Splint , Lower Limb Splint & Arm Splint. The set also comes with a pump and a handy carry bag so you never lose your equipment and its always to hand when you need it.

The RedVac vacuum splint is a medical product which may be applied only by medical specialist personnel instructed and trained regularly on the product. The kind of application is in accordance with the current, generally recognised medical guidelines and recommendations of the specialised societies which are concerned.

  • Treat open wounds and non-intact skin areas in accordance with the current recommendations of the aseptic treatment and provide a sterile cover
  • Moving the patient should be carried out with an adequate means of relocation (e.g. shovel stretcher) in accordance with the current recommendations. To fix and form the vacuum splint, close the buckles and tighten the straps
  • To evacuate the air out of the vacuum splint, the valve must be closed. The suction hose of the pump with the corresponding adaptor is to be placed directly onto the suction valve and the air is to be evacuated out of the splint
  • Having reached sufficient stability of the vacuum splint, remove the suction hose from the valve
  • Check straps for tightness and comfort for the patient

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