Res-Q-Me Window Punch & Seat Belt Cutter + CPR Shield

Spring Loaded Window Punch and Seat Belt Cutter on a Key Ring

Being involved in a serious road crash is a driver's worst nightmare, but the tragic truth is that last year, hundreds of citizens lost their lives in car accidents.

But while being a good driver, wearing seatbelts and obeying the road rules are all part and parcel of being responsible behind the wheel, you just can't predict when an accident may occur, but you can be prepared for the worst.

Put simply, attaching the ResQMe device to your bunch of keys or having one in arms reach in your car could literally save you and your family's life.

Designed to break through rear and side windows and to also cut through jammed seatbelts in the event of a car crash, ResQMe measures a mere 7 x 4cm so it fits in the palm of your hand

Made from durable ABS plastic and featuring a spring-loaded steel point (which will smash through any tempered glass window during an emergency) and a heavy-duty stainless steel blade (for cutting through jammed seatbelts), ResQMe clips easily onto your keyring ready to be used in an emergency.

With its detachable clip design, it's tiny, affordable and simple to use, but more importantly it may mean the difference between life and death when you need it the most.

Attach one to your keychain so you're always prepared for the unexpected where ever you go.

 CPR Shield

  • Semi-transparent face shield with a one-way valve that prevents direct contact with patient's mouth, nose and face
  • Helps overcome hesitations to start resuscitation
  • An easy to use and inexpensive barrier
  • Standard resuscitation techniques can be used
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