SP Advanced First Aid Kit - Includes Extra Trauma Items

The SP Services Advanced First Aid Kit

Everything you need in an emergency first aid kit, including items that make it suitable for virtually any first aid situation, particularly useful in dangerous working environments such as manufacturing plants, workshops, sawmills and other high-risk workplaces.

The kit features a wide range of first aid equipment to provide coverage and peace of mind that the user is equipped to deal with majority of injuries that can occur in most environments.

Ideally Used For:

  • First Responders to take the kit directly to the casualty.
  • When you need easy access to all first aid essentials.
  • Emergency First Aid at workplaces, events, festivals etc. as this is a highly portable kit for complete peace of mind.
  • Experienced first aiders and medical professionals.

The kit contains:

SP Advanced First Aid Kit comes supplied in one of our Extra Large Medic '3' First Aid Boxes (FA/900).

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